Paulista for Dinner

In December when Brian’s brother Jay and his wife Michele were visiting, we left the kids with Mercedes one night and the adults went to dinner at Paulista, one of the many churrasquería-style restaurants here in Asunción.


We’ve heard many opinions about which churrasquería is the best. Most people say it is either Paulista or O’Gaucho. Both have excellent and extensive salad bars, numerous meat offerings presented and served table side, and a multitude of dessert options. Since Brian and I had been to O’Gaucho separately with coworkers, we decided to go to Paulista with our visitors.

First stop is the salad bar with a wide assortment of salad fixings and side dishes. My favorite thing at the salad bar was the pasta station. There were all sorts of pasta shapes and sauces as well as toppings. Diners pick out whatever combination they want and the chef prepares and plates it.


Of course, no one goes to a churrasquería for the salads, so we were sure to save room for the main event. There were many delicious cuts of beef, pork and chicken all cooked on a large grill in the front of the restaurant. Servers then bring the various cuts of meat around to the patrons who can pick which ones they want and in which quantity.



Brian and I are getting better about learning the names for the different cuts of meat and recognizing the ones we like. One thing we know we don’t like is “corazoncitas” or chicken hearts.


We definitely do like dessert though! There was a dessert buffet with many items to pick from but our favorite was one that the waiters brought around. It was “piña” – or pineapple – which is covered in cinnamon and then roasted on a rotisserie. It’s flavorful, juicy and delicious.


We had a great meal!

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