Favorite New Games

The boys have a few new favorite games they love to play lately.

Danny loves to try to balance his sippy cup on his head.


He also loves to play peek-a-boo with a washcloth.


Patrick thinks it’s hilarious when Danny plays these games!


Patrick’s favorite game is Zingo, a game sent to him by his buddy Jack all the way from California.


Zingo is, as the box says, “bingo with a zing!” Each player has a game board with 9 pictures. There is a small dispenser (called a “zinger”) that spits out two game pieces at a time, each with a picture. Players try to match the pictures on the game pieces to the pictures on the board, trying to be the first to fill their board with game pieces. The first to fill their board and yell “Zingo” is the winner.


The most important part of playing Zingo is to watch out for Godzilla (AKA: “Danny”). One must always have toys or books on hand to give to Danny in order to channel his sometimes-destructive forces elsewhere.


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