A Contrast in Playground Safety

If there were to be a contest for the most dangerous playground in Paragauy, there would be several very strong contenders.

We have seen some questionable pieces of equipment here in Paraguay, including the following.

A dilapidated park bench:


A tire swing with a broken chain (attempt at repair possibly made with barbed wire?) and swing chains of differing lengths:

Play structures with boards missing and nails sticking out:

Staircases missing some (or all) steps and large gaps in fence partially blocked with boards:

Playground in the parkway of a busy street:

A lumpy metal slide sitting in the hot sun all day:


Instead of letting the boys play on the above equipment, this weekend we took the boys to the playground at the Embassy.

It’s a large wooden structure with no noted safety concerns. It even has a baby swing, a “casita” (little house), and two non-metal slides! The boys especially loved the swings.




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