We Have Domino’s!

Earlier this month, the very first Domino’s Pizza franchise in Paraguay opened not far from our house.


Today we went there with a few friends to have lunch.

We were impressed!

The parking lot was very large and had two security guards. There was plenty of seating both inside (upstairs and down) and outside (but there were no umbrellas so the furniture probably doesn’t get much use in the summer!). Next to Domino’s is a Burger King that will be opening soon. That’s no novelty though; there are a few other Burger King locations here in Asunción.

When we walked in, they gave balloons to the kids who all enjoyed playing with them. Patrick especially liked standing on the steps in front of the large window to the kitchen watching the pizzas being made and making faces at the cooks who laughed at his antics.


Inside looked really nice – there were large flat screen TVs above the counter showing the menu, a live camera feed from the kitchen and Domino’s promotions and contests (including one where customers can design a pizza and toppings and will be paid the equivalent of about 86 cents every time that pizza is ordered).


And just like a Domino’s in the US, there is a TV screen on the wall showing customers’ names, the pizza progress and how many minutes until it’s ready.


Our group ordered a cheese pizza, a pepperoni pizza and a deluxe pizza.


The employees got our orders exactly right and the pizza tasted pretty close to how it does in the US. The pepperoni tasted like real pepperoni – not like the other pepperoni we have tasted here.

Patrick and Danny sure enjoyed their pizza!



It was very funny watching Danny and Nolan feed each other bites of pizza!


I think I see some Domino’s delivery in our future! And as our friend Whitney said, “If you had told me two years ago that I would ever be excited about going to a Domino’s Pizza, I wouldn’t have believed you!”

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