Asunción Yacht & Golf Club

Today Brian and I visited Asunción’s Yacht and Golf Club for lunch and a tour of the facilities. Click here to see the website for the club.


We were pleasantly surprised by how nice the facilities are. The club is in a very scenic location, on the banks of the Paraguay River, with a view of Argentina.

In the above right photo, that’s Paraguay’s Lambare Island in the foreground and Argentina in the background.

We visited the golf course and talked to the golf pro who offered us lessons and offered to take us out on the course, which is a par 73 and was in decent shape. (Note the temperature of 40° Celsius which is 104° Fahrenheit. It was HOT today!)

A round of golf costs about $7 for members, $10 for non-members. A one-hour golf lesson with the pro costs about $20.

In addition to a yacht and golf club, the property also includes a hotel as well as two large swimming pools (one with a water slide), kayaking on the river, tennis courts, and several restaurants and event facilities.



It is also a place of historical significance.

Here’s a translation of the stone engraving:
In 1527 the first European, Sebastian Gaboto, arrived in this place. Later, with conquering host, Juan de Ayolas and Domingo Irala, they landed during a war in this port which was the border of the Guaraní Indian territory. Here in the end of 1536 was waged the first battle where the Cari warriors and their Chief Lambare were defeated. Subsequently Juan de Salazar and Gonzalo de Mendoza arrived and founded Asunción on August 15, 1537 with its hills and valleys, without the knowledge of Lambare and with the agreement of the Curipati Indians and the Caracara lords of the land.

I’m not sure if we’ll actually join the club, but it certainly was a nice place we’d like to visit again.

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