Backyard Fun

It was a hot day in Asunción yesterday. The temperature was 99° and the heat index was 108°. (Apologies to family and friends in Chicago where the windchill made it feel like 5°!) We spent the morning playing in the backyard. They boys especially loved playing with the hose. Patrick pretended to be a “bombero” (or fireman). They also had fun with the water table and with the many matchbox cars in their “casita.” And someone was acting like a bear. Yesterday though, it wasn’t Patrick – it was Danny “being a bear.” He has started to imitate his big brother by putting his face up against a wall and growling. When Patrick growls into the wall, he follows up with, “Hey everybody! There’s a bear in here!”








After a busy morning outside, we had lunch while chatting on FaceTime with Aunt Maureen and her fiancé Jonah. The boys were excited to meet their soon-to-be-Uncle Jonah!


4 thoughts on “Backyard Fun

  1. Love the pics of the backyard fun! The boys are getting big, especially Danny. He’s walking! Glad you are enjoying the weather there. Since we’ve been back in Ohio it’s been subzero temps and lots of snow. Hard to get acclimated to the Midwest once again after being in mild northern Virginia!

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