More Chile

We had a great trip to Chile earlier this month. Here are more pictures from our vacation. (I’ve finally had time to upload all of them from my camera).

I loved the fresh seafood and ate many helpings of delicious ceviche. Danny ate a fair amount of seafood too. Brian and Patrick did not.


The national drink of Chile is the “pisco sour.” While there are many varieties, typically the drink is three parts pisco brandy, one part simple syrup and one part lime juice, shaken with ice and served in a fun and fancy glass.


We spent two nights at the ocean where we enjoyed beautiful sunsets.



We had a blast playing at the beach. Patrick liked stomping on the sand castles he built and Danny managed to eat a fair amount of sand.


We saw the sights of Viña del Mar and Valparaíso.


We especially liked riding the funiculars up and down the hills of Valparaíso.


We next visited the Colchagua Valley for a little wine tasting and a few winery visits.



We spent a night up in the Andes where we loved the beautiful scenery and the zipline course through the mountains.



In Santiago, we did some sightseeing.



We also visited an artisanal shopping market. Things Chile is known for include: lapis lazuli jewelry, wool clothing and accessories, wooden figurines, the Rapa Nui people who inhabited Easter Island and seafood!


We had a really nice time in Chile and we look forward to our next trip together!


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