Last night’s hotel was not great. We were the only guests in the place and this morning, none of the staff was awake at 9 AM when we were loaded up and ready to leave. Also, it was not very clean. I don’t know how many dead moths, bugs and spiders we cleaned up. Hopefully Danny didn’t eat any when we weren’t looking. Although the hotel itself was not spectacular, the location and the views were. The food was decent. And the stuffed condor as well as the pelt from a javelina helped encourage good behavior from PTK who was a little afraid of both.


Once the employees were awake and able to check us out, we headed over to a nearby adventure park that was offering zip line canopy tours and a trampoline (known as a “cama elástica” in Spanish). Brian and I each did the canopy tour and Danny and Patrick both spent time on the trampoline.


After the fun activities and a quick lunch we drove to the peak of the mountain and saw three different ski resorts: La Parva, El Colorado, and Valle Nevado. All look like gorgeous ski resorts with amazing views. It would be nice to come back here sometime in the winter to ski.


As we left the ski resorts, both boys fell asleep in the backseat while we headed towards downtown Santiago. Patrick and Danny both got good naps before we arrived at our hotel. They awoke just in time to play their new favorite game before we arrived at the hotel. The boys hold hands while pulling their arms back and forth like tug of war and laughing hilariously.


When we checked in, Danny and Patrick were excited to see a welcome gift left in their room. It was macaroons, or as Patrick thought “hang-ga-bers” (hamburgers), and tot-sized slippers. Brian and I were happy to see a complimentary bottle of wine that just happened to be from the Lapostolle Winery where we had visited but weren’t able to taste.


After we checked in and unpacked a little, we headed up to the rooftop pool. The boys both had a great time splashing around and laughing, although it did seem that they were disturbing the poolside geriatric nap time.


Tonight we had dinner at PF Changs. It was located in a nearby mall that may as well have been an upscale mall in any American city. There were many designer stores, upscale shops and well-known restaurants. Sorry – no pictures of the mall – I was too much in awe.


Tomorrow we are doing some sightseeing around Santiago.

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