A Night in the Andes

This morning before we started our drive, we visited the grocery store near our hotel to get a few drinks and snacks for the road. There were many items at the Chilean grocery store that we don’t see at Paraguayan grocery stores, including yellow, healthy-looking bananas (we usually see browner more beat up looking bananas); real lunch meat; green limes and yellow lemons (as opposed to everything being green); and Gatorade.

We also saw two kinds of Lays chips we hadn’t seen before: Corte Americano (which apparently means ridged) and Jamón Serrano flavored. We saw Haas avocados, Viejo Pascuero (Chilean Santa Claus), and very expensive lobsters ($55 each!).
We passed on the lobster and chips but we did get a few bananas and Gatorades.

On our way up into the Andes, we stopped at one more winery – Viña Santa Rita. The property includes a wine shop, a hotel, a restaurant, winemaking facilities and beautiful gardens.



We bought a bottle of wine to take with us and we headed up into the mountains to Valle Nevado, the largest ski resort in Chile, known for it’s challenging ski and snowboard terrain. In the winter months, people come from all over the world to ski and snowboard here. Of course, it’s the middle of summer now so it’s not very crowded. It certainly is beautiful though. Tomorrow we’ll explore the area a little more before we head to Santiago. Below Danny is trying to give a high-five to Patrick who is being a happy bear.

After dinner we took a little walk and watched the sunset over the mountains. It’s gorgeous here!

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