Wine Tasting

Taking full advantage of the free childcare provided by the hotel for its guests, Brian and I ditched the kids today, visiting a few wineries and having a fantastic lunch.

The first winery we visited was Los Montes. It was huge, modern and beautiful.


The most interesting thing we saw at this winery was the room where the wine ages in the wine barrels. The wine barrels are in an absolutely enormous room that looks like a concert hall, arranged in graduated steps all facing a central stage. Classical music is played to help the wine age, or so believes the winemaker.


The tour of the facility was all in Spanish. Having been on many Napa and Sonoma winery tours and already being familiar with the winemaking process, it was helpful for our Spanish skills to learn about the process and the technical terms in Spanish. It was also interesting to see such a large operation. When Brian and I have visited California wineries, it was typically small businesses and not massive wine producers. Montes is a massive wine producer. It was impressive to see.


After a delicious tasting in a tremendous setting, we headed off to our next stop: Lapostolle. The setting here was even more impressive and the views even more breathtaking than those at Montes. The property also includes a hotel where rooms run $1500 a night!


Unfortunately they wouldn’t let us do just a tasting without also doing a tour and since we didn’t have time for a full tour, we headed to our next stop: Laura Hartwig.


After a nice tasting and purchasing a bottle of wine to go, we headed to lunch at a nearby Italian restaurant.


As we left the restaurant, Brian happened to look at his phone and noticed that he had received an email two and a half hours earlier from the daycare saying that Danny wouldn’t stop crying and they didn’t know what to do with him. Oops. We were only minutes away from the hotel, so we headed back to relieve the grateful hotel workers. Apparently Danny cried a lot, Patrick wouldn’t eat and neither boy slept. Feeling slightly guilty, we bought the daycare teacher a bottle of wine and we took the kids to the pool to play (after returning the large quantity of toys Patrick had smuggled out of the daycare in his backpack).


We had fun splashing around at the indoor and outdoor pools until the pool staff asked us to put on bathing caps for the indoor pool. We left instead. After an easy pizza dinner at the hotel the boys were both sound asleep early! Tomorrow we head for the mountains!

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