¡Vamos a Chile!

We had a pretty tame New Year’s Eve last night. For starters, we weren’t the ones firing guns into the air and setting off fireworks all night long! We stayed home, had leftovers for dinner and packed our suitcases for a trip to Chile. And I only managed to be awake at midnight because of the couch nap I took earlier in the evening. The explosions were especially concentrated for the 90 minutes surrounding midnight. Despite the fact that it sounded like we were under attack and the sky was lit up in all directions, the boys slept soundly while Brian and I enjoyed the show.

This morning we were up early, had a quick breakfast and headed to the airport.

Patrick was wearing his sunglasses all morning, anticipating some time on the beach.

We had just a few checked bags and carry-ons, and it was so much easier to travel this time on just one short non-stop flight to Santiago compared to our multi-day, back-to-back long distance flights from Chicago to San Francisco to Miami to Asunción with 12 checked bags, 2 car seats, a double jog stroller and 8 carry-ons. It was so easy this time and it felt like we were really traveling light!


Even though we gave Uncle Jay and Aunt Shelf a 20-hour head start on their departure from Asunción, we still made it Chile before they made it back to Chicago. And not to rub it in, but it’s more than 90 degrees warmer in Maitencillo, Chile than it is in Chicago, Illinois!

The kids were pretty good on the flight. There were lots of empty seats so we were able to spread out a bit.


Once we landed in Santiago, we grabbed our luggage, loaded up our rental car and headed to the coast. We had a beautiful drive through mountains and wineries, even more beautiful because of the two sleeping angels in the backseat!


Here’s the view from the deck of our hotel room. We did some swimming at the pool and then enjoyed a wonderful dinner at the hotel restaurant, right on the water.


Not that Asunción doesn’t have its own charm, but it sure is nice to be out of a third world country enjoying amazing coastal views! It reminds us of our old home in California!



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