Goodbye Uncle Jay & Aunt Shelf!

We have had a great week with our visitors, Brian’s brother Jay and his wife Michele (AKA: “Aunt Shelf”).

With temperatures over 100°, everyone spent a lot of time in the pool. Patrick loved when Jay threw him into the pool. And Patrick had a lot of fun showing Michele a game he invented where he’d fill Daddy baseball cap with water and then try to flip it onto his head as the water spilled out. Danny loved being in the water and splashing and practicing his swimming move where he puts his head under water and we push him forward through the water.


We had a really nice time visiting the Jesuit ruins over the weekend. It was a five hour drive each way, which gave Jay and Shelf lots of time to spend with their sometimes sleeping, sometimes screaming, sometimes playing little friends.


One night, Danny and Jay were twinsies!


Other favorite activities with Jay and Shelf included lining up matchbox cars and then crashing them (or according to Patrick, “how people drive in Paraguay”), jumping off “awesome rocks” (which were centuries-old Jesuit ruins), looking with Aunt Shelf for monkeys living in banana trees, and reading with Uncle Jay while laying on the truck rug.


Above all, much time was spent being a bear, especially while wearing a Bears t-shirt while watching the Bears game!


It was wonderful having Jay and Michele here! We went out for dinner on their last night in town.


Brian and the boys and I will miss Uncle Jay and Aunt Shelf very much and we can’t wait for them to come back again soon!


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