Encarnación and More Jesuit Ruins!

On Saturday, we visited the town of Encarnación which is known for having the biggest and best Carnival celebrations in Paraguay. Aside from the season of Carnival however, there doesn’t seem to be much to see or do in Encarnación. We visited the Plaza de Armas in the city center.

Patrick enjoyed playing with two big sticks and pretending to be a reindeer with antlers. It was a departure from his typical “being a bear” pose.

After a walk from the plaza to the Basilica (which was closed), we stopped for lunch and then drove along the Coastanera (the path along the Paraná River separating Paraguay and Argentina).


There were lots of nice sandy beaches along the river, but with the temperature over 100°, not too many people were out enjoying the beach or the water.

20131228-153404.jpg That’s Argentina across the river.

On Saturday afternoon, we enjoyed some fun times at the hotel pool!


There were several German-speaking families and some Paraguayans at the pool too. They were all impressed with Patrick’s swimming. He jumped in and swam the width of the pool several times.

And he loved when Uncle Jay threw him up high in the air, splashing down into the water. That made the spectators a bit nervous though, with one exclaiming, “Dios mío!” (“Oh my God!”)


On the way home this morning, we stopped at San Cosme y Damián to see another set of ruins.



After a quick and delicious lunch (which included lemon tasting by Danny), we hit the road for home.


The boys and Aunt Shelf took a nap in the car while Uncle Jay read about Paraguay.


We had a great weekend but we sure were glad to get home and get out of the car!

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