Santa Claus Comes Tonight!

Well this Christmas Eve could have started off better. Danny woke up with his eyes red, swollen and crusted shut. A quick visit to the pediatrician confirmed a diagnosis of conjunctivitis. Hopefully it wasn’t caused by something he ate!


This afternoon just as Danny and Patrick were waking up from their naps, Uncle Jay and Aunt Shelf (Michele) arrived! They traveled for over 25 hours from Chicago through Detroit through São Paulo to Asunción to spend Christmas with us!


Jay and Shelf arrived just in time to head to Christmas Eve mass with us. At church, the priest asked our family to walk together from the back of the church to the manger at the front of church with baby Jesus and place him in the manger. Patrick was very proud to carry the statue and he did a great job being careful and gentle.


After church we played for awhile until dinner. Patrick was so excited to show his toys to Jay and Shelf (but not necessarily share with them!) We had a delicious dinner and were so happy to see Jay and Michele.



Before bedtime, the boys put on their matching Christmas jammies (which Uncle Jay helped them open earlier) and we made a snack for Santa and his reindeer and left them a note.



We’ve heard that at midnight on Christmas Eve, residents of Asunción shoot guns in the air and set off fireworks that would put to shame any Fourth of July celebration in America. We have certainly seen some diverse fireworks offerings at roadside stands here.

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