Danny’s First Birthday!

Today is Baby Dan’s first birthday. When he was born last year in the Northern Hemisphere, it was the first day of winter and the shortest day of the year, although, it still seemed pretty long to me! This year, in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s the first day of summer and the longest day of the year.

Here’s Danny a year ago:


And with his proud big brother:


Here’s Danny today on his first birthday:


Here are a few of Danny’s favorite things:
– Eating chicken
– Giving high fives
– Waving when he hears greetings in both English and Spanish
– Blinking when prompted in Spanish
– Watching anything and everything Patrick does
– Clapping
– Blowing raspberries
– Walking all around the house
– Using a fork
– Having the bottoms of his feet cleaned/tickled
– Screaming/growling/grunting while pointing at things he wants
– Dropping things on the floor and saying, “Uh oh!”
– Swimming, splashing and putting his head under water
– Laying his head down when we say, “Awww!”

This morning the boys played on the shelves in Danny’s room for a little while.


We opened presents at lunch while talking to the grandparents via Skype.

Danny loved the wrapping paper and even tried to eat it. Patrick helped Danny open his presents and then wanted to keep all the gifts for himself. We’ll have to work on sharing!

After naps, we went to the Embassy for a pool party and barbecue. It was a blast!


Danny especially loved the cake.


And boy did he get messy with it!


It was a great day!

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