Merry Christmas to us!

Our freezer is looking good. In what can only be described as a coincidence in timing that in reality has nothing to do with Brian’s recent travel to the US, we now have some amazing and delicious things in our freezer, including the following:
8 Portillo’s Italian beefs
10 Portillo’s hotdogs
10 Omaha steak filets (6 wrapped in bacon!)
1 chateaubriand (3 pounds)
2 pounds of king crab legs
4 Giordano’s stuffed pizzas (1 cheese, 1 spinach, 2 sausage)
4 packages of Johnsonville beer brats
12 burgers
2 corned beefs (5 pounds each)

I’m hungry!!





In other exciting food-related news, there is a grocery store here in Asuncion that gets American products and they just got a big shipment in. While some of the items I bought aren’t necessarily things I would normally buy at the grocery store in the US, it’s nice to have a few American products in our pantry and fridge, especially just before the holidays!



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