Daddy’s Trip

Last week Brian was out of town, traveling to Quantico, Virginia for an EMT class. Before Brian left, Patrick said he’d be looking in the sky for Daddy’s airplane and that he’d miss Daddy very much and then he watched as Daddy drove away.

Patrick and Danny were pretty well-behaved this week. The threat of Santa’s “naughty list” carries a bit of weight with Patrick and is an effective reminder! And of course Mercedes was a huge help too.

The boys were very excited to see Daddy when he got home. Danny was thrilled to sit in Daddy’s arms and Patrick couldn’t wait to start climbing all over Daddy.


Brian got home just in time to help get the boys dressed for church in cute matching button-down shirts that had just arrived from the United States two days earlier. Once at church, we hadn’t been there for more than five minutes when Patrick, sliding across the church pew on his belly, put a nice 2 inch hole in his brand-new shirt with a nail that was sticking out of the pew. Patrick was quick to recognize an advantage to the hole, stating happily, “Now I can touch my tummy!”


After mass, we went to a holiday lunch for the church parishioners at the ambassador’s residence. It was delicious! Here we are in front of the Christmas tree.


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