Our Home

Finally, our house feels like our home. Everything shipped to us has arrived and has been unpacked. And this week all the pictures were hung on the walls.


It is a huge house – over 3000 sq.ft. – with 5 bedrooms, 5 full bathrooms (plus a separate bedroom/bathroom for the maid’s quarters), a living room, dining room, family room and office. The appliances in the house are all American appliances, which is great. The walls are all thick, solid, masonry walls which is great for sound insulation (i.e., kid crying in one room won’t wake kid sleeping in neighboring room, wild late-night party at house next door won’t keep us up all night). It’s a great house and we are lucky to call it home for the next few years. This past week, two workers from the Embassy came to our house and spent an entire day hanging paintings, photos and shelves in our house. They did a great job and we love our home!

Here’s the front entryway:


Here’s the mudroom:


Here’s the living room:


Here’s the dining room:


Here’s the office:


Here’s Patrick’s room:


And Danny’s room:


The boys’ bathroom:

20131215-004940.jpg Not pictured: the bidet, alongside the toilet. With its slightly shorter height in comparison to the toilet, Patrick has come to think of the bidets in each bathroom as his own personal urinals.

The master bedroom:


The master bath & wardrobe:


The family room:


The stairwell:


The first guest room:


The second guest room:
(Well, that one can’t be pictures right now since it’s doubling as Santa’s workshop).

The back yard:


Visitors welcome any time!

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