Spike the Deer

There’s a one-eyed deer, affectionately known as Spike, who lives on the Embassy grounds.

Earlier this year (before we moved here), Spike suffered an unfortunate injury which resulted in the loss of his left eye. Depending on who you believe, Spike was either hit by a car or kicked by a doe who was not particularly interested in mating with him. Either way, poor Spike’s eyeball was left dangling from its socket.

After the animal tranquilizer gun malfunctioned, Spike was eventually captured with a net. By then however, the once-dangling eye had fallen out and gotten lost. A vet was able to sew up the eye socket and care for Spike’s injuries.

After a few days of being locked in a garage while he healed, Spike was released and was once again free to roam the Embassy grounds. While Spike had been detained, the aforementioned doe stayed right outside the garage, waiting for him. Once Spike was released, she promptly kicked him in the head.


These days, Spike can be seen regularly roaming the Embassy grounds and frequently approaching humans. He particularly likes getting close to the cars and licking the tires. Given how absolutely filthy the streets are here, perhaps this behavior demonstrates that he’s not that bright and the doe was wise to reject his amorous advances?


Here’s the doe:


As you can see, she’s much better looking than he is. While his fur is matted and discolored, hers is shiny and full. Although she seems to be out of his league, you can’t blame him for trying! Good luck with her, Spike!

3 thoughts on “Spike the Deer

  1. carnell.lee@gmail.com

    I can confirm the story. Spike is coming on his one year aniversary of losing the eye sometime this month. We believe that the doe is the cause of his injury although there were not witnesses, but she kicked him again shortly after he was released from his recouperation stage. At the end of January, He was hit by a car, driven by someone who will remain nameless. Must have caught him in his blind spot.

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