Our Sea Shipment Arrived!

Fourteen weeks ago, movers were at our old home in California to pack up all our stuff; sorting things for storage, things traveling to Paraguay by air and things traveling here by sea. Five weeks after the movers left our California home, our air shipment arrived.

Today – just over three months after the movers packed up our stuff – our sea shipment arrived. When the movers showed up at 8:30 this morning, it was 92 in the shade and humid.


Danny helped Daddy check the lists to make sure all our boxes arrived.


By the time Patrick got home from school, the movers were bringing the last of our stuff off the truck.


The movers spent the afternoon unpacking and helping us put away our things. Here’s a little before & after of the kids’ play area:


Thankfully only a few things broke – a vase, two wine glasses and a bowl. And thankfully both boys took great, long naps while the rest of us unpacked.

Danny woke up just in time to take the truck for a spin.


Patrick woke up just in time to say goodbye to the movers and their big truck.


By the time the movers finished, the temperature had risen and thunderstorms had begun.


After a big thunderstorm, we are now without electricity in half of our house. Unfortunately the air conditioner doesn’t work but it helps that the temperature has dropped about 20 degrees in the past 20 minutes.

We have lots of unpacking and organizing to do this weekend. Everyone is certainly looking forward to sleeping in their own beds tonight! (The power is out in the boys’ rooms so no pictures of their rooms).


Hopefully the power will be back on soon so the air conditioners can start working again!

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