A couple weeks ago, we visited the town of San Bernardino on the shores of Lake Ypacaraí. This past weekend, we took a day trip to the nearby town of Areguá, on the opposite side of the lake.

Areguá is known for its artisanal ceramics. The main streets are lined with stalls filled with ceramic crafts for sale including planter pots, garden gnomes and animals (especially parrots).



This time of year, the most common ceramics are to be nativity sets. The sets include the Holy Family and the traditional shepherds, camels and wise men, and interestingly also include a rooster.

Patrick’s favorite nativity sets were the largest ones, with the figures almost as big as he is. He was disappointed when we wouldn’t let him ride on a camel.


We were not that impressed with the beach; in part because it was 100 degrees and humid and the water is too contaminated for swimming, in part because we were swarmed by a pack of green flies, and in part because the all-metal playground equipment was scalding hot. It was scenic though. And we did find a wooden train that had shade, so that was nice!


Another highlight of the town is the church, Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria.


On our next visit to Areguá, we’ll have to do some hiking among the interesting and rare rock formations just outside of town.

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