Il Forno Della Nonna

Last night we went out for dinner to a pizza place called Il Forno Della Nonna (“Grandma’s Oven”, in Italian). We got there just as the restaurant was opening at 7 PM. We were the only people in the place and we had our pick of tables. Patrick chose one next to a telephone and “a giant guitar. ”


As soon as we sat down, they brought us some crispy flatbreads, still warm from the oven. The kids devoured them!


The boys liked watching our pizzas being prepared and cooked.


The pizza was pretty good. We got a Mexican pizza (with red and green peppers and chorizo sausage) and a Margarita pizza (which Patrick would only eat once the tomatoes and “the grass” were removed).


Near the end of the meal, Danny started getting a little tired and sad, rubbing his eyes and crying. (He cried for about 45 seconds, making this his worst restaurant behavior to date). Thankfully, someone knew just what to do to cheer him up!


When we got them home, the boys went right to sleep, and stayed asleep for nearly 12 hours. Thankfully, their slumber was not disturbed by our neighbor’s roaring party which included loud music playing until 5 AM.

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