TGI Friday’s

This weekend, we went to dinner at TGI Friday’s, for a little taste of America.


They actually have two locations in Asunción. While most restaurants in the city don’t open for dinner until after 7pm (which is a little late for dinner for our kids), TGI Friday’s is open all day, and as Brian was pleased to discover, shows some NFL games.

We had a good time. Their menu had the most English we’ve seen on any menu here in Paraguay. The menu items were listed in English and the food descriptions were in Spanish.


The kids menu had some expected items (like mac ‘n’ cheese and hot dog) and some unusual items (like “kids mozzarella” and “kids finger”).


We took a leap of faith and ordered the kids finger, hoping it would be chicken fingers and not the fingers of naughty little restaurant patrons. Thankfully, it was chicken fingers and Patrick ate them all.


Danny had his baby food and gnawed on a little bread. He was very happy!


Brian had a Southwest burger and I had Jack Daniels steak.


The waitress gave Patrick a balloon (“un globo”) to play with. He loved standing on the chairs of a neighboring vacant table and throwing the balloon over to us and trying to catch it when we hit it back to him. We only caught him actually crawling on the table once to grab the balloon. (Thankfully the restaurant was pretty empty!)


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