Pollo Semicasero

As mentioned in a previous post, we have been placing a weekly order for fresh fruits and vegetables delivered right to our home. On the list of available items this week, I noticed one item called “pollo semicasero.” Of course I know that “pollo” means chicken but I wasn’t quite sure what “semicasero” meant.

A quick look for the word “semicasero” in my dictionary yielded no results and as I was at work and pressed for time, I just decided to order it and head to my meeting. I was guessing that it meant something like “semi prepared” sort of like a pre-seasoned chicken ready to throw in the oven.

In the conference room before my meeting started, I was chatting with a native Paraguayan and I asked her what pollo semicasero is. She explained that it is a “semi-home raised chicken.” Unfortunately, that didn’t really answer my question and before I could question her further, the meeting began and our conversation had to end.

As the meeting got underway, I thought more about her answer and about the fact that “pollo semicasero” (at a mere $7) was the most expensive item available and I started to think that what I had actually ordered was a live chicken to be delivered to my house.


Of course I then spent the whole meeting wondering what I would do with a live chicken and picturing Patrick chase the chicken around our yard.

Once the meeting ended and I was able to talk to the Paraguayan again, she clarified that a “pollo semicasero” is raised on a farm or at a home, rather than raised at some sort of factory. It’s raised without chemicals and hormones, similar to free-range and organic products popular in the United States. Phew! No live chicken would be coming to my house!

Yesterday, the pollo semicasero was delivered to our house and tonight for dinner, we ate our delicious chicken.

It was fantastic!

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