Nap Time Failures

This was the weekend of naptime failures. Despite the fact that both boys slept for nearly three hours on Friday afternoon (and every other day this week), they had a rough time with naps this weekend.

On Saturday afternoon, Patrick wouldn’t sleep and instead took all the sheets off his bed, threw all his stuffed animals around the room and then took the mattress off the boxspring. (Due to prior bedroom destruction episodes, Patrick’s bedroom is much like a prison cell and contains nothing but a bed – no dresser, no bedside table, etc.). After about two hours of trying to get him to sleep we gave up. Despite Patrick’s loud, frequent screams of “Mommy, Daddy I’m all done sleeping!”, Danny (in the neighboring bedroom) still managed to sleep for three solid hours.

On Sunday during naptime, Danny took a long time to fall asleep. His sixth tooth is starting to make an appearance and he was very sad. After lots of snuggling and rocking and a bit of baby Tylenol, he finally fell asleep around 3 o’clock, and slept for almost two hours. Meanwhile, Patrick performed another bedroom destruction act. Also I think Patrick’s screams are part of what delayed the onset of Danny’s nap for so long.

So, during halftime at the Bears game this afternoon Brian and I used our pool for the first time. It’s nearly 90 in the shade and it’s perfect pool weather.


And with the breeze in the air, we almost couldn’t hear Patrick’s screams.


His bedroom overlooks the pool and we had told him he could only go swimming if he took a nap. He was not real thrilled with Mommy & Daddy.


We aren’t total monsters though. When naptime was over we set up the water table in the backyard and both boys splashed around there for a while.


They should both sleep well tonight!

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