Aventura Xtrema

While the lawyer in me wasn’t so sure this was a good idea, it seemed safe enough and Patrick wanted to try it, so Brian and Patrick and I did a zipline tour. Until today, the youngest ever participant was three years old. Patrick, at two years old, set a new record. And he did so without any tears or crying. He even did better than a 12-year-old boy who cried and quit and had to be lowered down in the middle of the course. Patrick loved it! Before we did it, he told us he was going to be scared but that he still wanted to try it.








Employees of the company were taking lots of pictures of Patrick. Even strangers stopped and started watching Patrick and taking his picture too. Everyone was so surprised that such a little kid was doing so well and was so unafraid. To see the pictures taken by the company, check out Aventura Xtrema (in San Bernardino, Paraguay) on Facebook. They told us they would post the pictures on their Facebook site!

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