Fancy Schmancy Cocktail Party

Tonight I (and about 300 other people) went to a fancy party at the Ambassador’s residence, in the beautiful garden behind his home. It was tons of fun with great food and drinks and these napkins.

20130926-225904.jpgOne of my coworkers and I went to a salon after work and we got our hair, nails and makeup done before the party.

20130926-230123.jpg I had been meaning to get a pedicure, so I was glad for the the opportunity to do so. And of course it was fun to have our hair and makeup done too! I’m glad I don’t have to work tomorrow!

One thought on “Fancy Schmancy Cocktail Party

  1. Oh you fancy! I unfortunately do have to work. 😦
    Skype/facetime later today? Also, the blog is great. Looks like all the hassles were worth it. Miss youuu

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