Our air shipment arrived!

When we were getting organized before the movers came to our house in California to pack us out, we divided our stuff into things that were going to long-term storage, things that were being shipped to Paraguay by air and things being shipped to Paraguay by sea. Our checked luggage had already been packed and set aside.

For our air shipment, we were allowed about 1,000 pounds. We set aside this stuff for that shipment (not including the TV against the wall):

When it came time to box up our air shipment, the movers told us that they thought we were way under weight and we could still add about 400 pounds of stuff. So we started grabbing stuff from other piles and adding it to our air shipment. We didn’t even really remember what all we added! When we finished adding more things, the younger movers all said that we were likely over our weight limit. The older supervisor of the crew said he thought we’d be right at our limit. He was right. The weight was 998 pounds. Phew!

Our air shipment was delivered today, about a month after we left California. Patrick was happy to see his bike and helmet, a big plastic bear full of animal crackers, his legos, and his t-ball stand/ball/bat.

Danny was ecstatic to have his jumperoo.

I was glad to see more clothes, shoes, spices, towels, laundry baskets and bath mats. And Triscuits.

Brian was happy to see his golf clubs. He’s looking forward to using them soon!

Hopefully our sea shipment, including our car, will arrive in another month or so

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