CSA: Asunción style!

In the United States, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is an easy way to get local and seasonal food, ultra-fresh, right from a farmer, delivered to your doorstep. While we did not participate in a CSA in United States, we thought it might be a nice way to get veggies and fruits here, and we were happy to find one here in Paraguay.

On Mondays, the Asociación de Productores Orgánicos (Association of Organic Producers) sends out an email listing which fruits and veggies are available for the week. By Tuesday afternoon, customers must email back the items and quantities they want.

This morning our first shipment arrived. Here’s what we got:
One head of garlic
One bunch of watercress
One head of broccoli
Two bunches of arugula
One cucumber
One kilo of tomatoes
One dozen bananas

20130911-192716.jpgAll this, including a delivery fee of $.67, was just under $9.

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