Fashion Week!

This week is Fashion Week in Asunción. Last night, my mom and I attended a fashion show at the Sheridan Hotel downtown. It was great!


When we arrived, tuxedo-wearing waiters were passing out trays of champagne. Other waiters were passing out hors d’oeuvres. There were models passing out free samples of various products as well as swag bags. I scored a great pair of earrings.


My mom and I were approached by two models who came up on either side of us, handed us each a bag of something as their accompanying photographer snapped a picture. The models were then off to find another group to pose with. Only later did my mom and I realize that the items we had been given were feminine hygiene products. Not sure where the photographer would be posting those pictures!

The fashion show started with about six models coming out on stage followed by procession of hairdressers (led by lead hairdresser Dino) who styled the models’ hair onstage.


The clothes at the fashion show were nice, but not really anything we would wear. The clothes seem to be more of the style of the 1970s. There were lots of tie-dye, long bandannas tied up in the hair and loose, flowing clothing. The finale had some wedding dresses which were beautiful. Lots of sparkles! It was a fun night!


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