This weekend we visited our first restaurants in Asunción.

On Friday night, we went to dinner at Il Postino, right in our neighborhood. It was delicious.



Brian ordered a Brahma – the local beer – and it came in a large bottle in a bucket of ice.

For dinner, he had a calzone which was placed on its own small table next to him. The waiter then cut it up for him.


Mom and I had pasta bolognese. It was great. The sauce was wonderful.

Patrick had cheese pizza which he loved. Danny had baby food and bread. He was very good!


On Sunday, we went to brunch after 11am mass. We went to Rodeo Grill, a churrasquería (an all-you-can-eat steakhouse with many different kinds of meats).




We aren’t really sure what exactly we ate but we know we enjoyed it. Dan loved watching the guys cut the meat.


Patrick loved the play area for kids and the statue out front of a cowboy riding a bull.



After lunch we headed home for naps. When the boys woke up, we headed out for an ill-fated drive to the city center. We saw all the big sights, including those we recognized from The Amazing Race. Our outing ended abruptly due to excessive crying and barfing.

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