We are so glad to have the HiperSeis megastore so close to our home. And we are so impressed with this place.


Danny’s favorite things from the store are breadsticks twisted in the shape of a circle. They are just the right size for his little hand to grasp and I think they feel good on his teething gums.

Patrick’s favorite things from HiperSeis are, well, everything so far! He’s loved the rice, yogurt, cereal and bread. He also liked riding in the little car attached to the grocery cart.

My mom likes the produce section best. There are many familiar items (like carrots, potatoes, apples and oranges) and only a few items that we have not yet identified. The only thing we couldn’t find was arugula. Once shoppers make their selections, there are two clerks that weigh the items and attach a price sticker.

I liked the meat counter which is long and extensive. I don’t yet know all the Spanish words for the different cuts of meat, but this store seems to have a great selection. So far we’ve had chicken fried steak, chicken breasts, ground beef for a spaghetti sauce, a whole roasted chicken and pork chops. The quality of the meat has been very good.

Brian liked the beverage section and was happy to find some diet Pepsi. We haven’t seen any diet Dr. Pepper yet. There is a limited beer selection, selling in both six packs as well as 40oz bottles. We didn’t see Bud Light but we did see Coors Light and Miller Light. The local favorite is a beer called Brahma.

There are tons of wines available and we’ve tried wines from Chile and Argentina. Here are our favorites so far:

Unlike at BevMo, the bottles here don’t list how many points Wine Spectator gives each wine. But the store does do wine tastings, so that was a fun way to decide which wines to buy!

I think we’ll be visiting this store often!

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