The Embassy of the United States of America

Today we visited the Embassy. It has a patriotic address of “1776”!




The parking lot can be dangerous.


We all went to the Health Unit to see the nurses there. Brian and Patrick looked like twins!


The nurses will help us with getting the remaining vaccines (rabies for Patrick and me, yellow fever for me and Danny). They’ll also help us with making appointments for regular check-ups with a local pediatrician.


Everyone got examined. Danny’s previously-infected ear is all better, although now the other one isn’t looking so good. We’ll go back next week for another check-up.


Patrick’s ears and blood pressure are both good. He received the first of three rabies shots today and he didn’t even cry.


After playing on the playground then lunch at the Embassy, we headed home for naps. Both boys were exhausted and went right to sleep!

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