Journey to Paraguay: Stage 3

We stayed last night at the hotel right in the Miami Airport. Thankfully we found a porter to help with all our luggage which were luckily the very first bags off the carousel. The porter took all our stuff right to the hotel. What a relief!

After being in three time zones in the past three days, the boys had a hard time going to sleep last night. I think it was after 2am when Patrick finally fell asleep.

This morning when we were finally up and ready to go, we rented a car and headed to Jungle Island to meet up with my friends Tracey & Matt from law school and their two daughters. We had a great day together! The kids got to hold an alligator and a parrot. We saw monkeys, tigers, a lion, a liger, penguins and so many birds. The kids especially loved being able to feed a baby bottle to baby goats. It was a great way to spend the day before a long overnight flight.

We headed back to the hotel after replenishing our dry ice supply to keep the breastmilk frozen for the next flight. After quick showers and last-minute reorganizing and final packing, we checked out of the hotel. For $50 extra, they let us move our checkout time to 7pm!

It took two bellman and two carts to take all our luggage all the way to the airline check-in counter. We have so much stuff! It would have been impossible for us to move everything by ourselves.

After we got through security, we went to my mom’s gate where we waited for her to arrive. After she arrived, we headed to Shula’s for a quick dinner. We then headed to the gate and it was time for the boys to get their jammies pn and get ready for the overnight flight.

Although Patrick loves airplanes, he is less than thrilled with everything else that goes along with plane travel. Aren’t we all. His patience is wearing thin and I hope that he will sleep and behave on this flight. Danny and his ear infection seem to be doing okay. We’ve been giving him his antibiotics and baby Advil. Hopefully he’ll doing well on this flight too!

So, we are on the plane. Our third flight in three days. I’m not sure when I’ll have Internet access next, but I have high hopes that I’ll soon be reporting that we had a successful international overnight flight!

¡Nos vemos!






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