Journey to Paraguay: Stage 2

After flying 2,150 miles on Tuesday from Chicago to Oakland, Wednesday we flew 2,697 miles from San Francisco to Miami.

After some serious packing, planning and coordinating – including storing 14 bags and a stroller at SFO with friends/co-workers and storing frozen breastmilk in the freezer of a friend who lives near SFO, we checked in for our flight to Miami with the following items: 13 checked bags, 8 carry-on bags (including the aforementioned frozen breastmilk packed in a cooler with dry ice), two car seats we carried on to the plane for the boys to sit in, one gate-checked double jogging stroller, one baby with an ear infection, one exhausted two-year old, and two road-weary adults. With fervent hopes for good behavior and no flight delays, the next leg of our journey was underway!

Thankfully our friends who had stored the checked bags for us at SFO brought the bags right to us on luggage carts at the check-in counter. We never would have been able to manage that much stuff by ourselves. Thank you Ed, Alex and Analisa! Analisa even helped take care of Danny!

Once again the kids were well-behaved on the six-hour flight. For days, Patrick had been repeating like a mantra the rules for behavior on the plane. “We don’t kick the guy in front of us, we don’t scream and we don’t shove.” Even though he broke each rule a time or two on the flight today, he did also take a nap and he sat quietly playing iPad games for awhile.

Danny was pretty good on the flight yesterday too. He slept a bit and he ate a bit too. He also enjoyed standing in his carseat and peeking over the seat to see Patrick and Brian in the seats behind him. Patrick also enjoyed seeing Danny “spying” on him.

Patrick is very confused by the name of the city of Miami. Yesterday, Brian told Patrick that we were going to Miami. Patrick kept asking, “Why are we going to Daddy’s ami?” I guess Patrick thought Brian was saying “my ami” instead of Miami! Patrick also keeps asking about “my ami” and “your ami”!

We have one more leg on our journey to Paraguay. Tonight just before midnight we’ll be on an overnight flight to Asuncion. But first, we’ll have time for some fun in Miami today.

And as it was out last night in the US last night, Brian and I enjoyed a 2005 bottle of Keenan Cabernet Sauvignon. We will miss Napa Valley!






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