During our last visit to Chicago before moving to Paraguay, we were very busy getting all of our last-minute preparations made. Eileen and Brian each had to get a blood test which was needed for a Paraguayan driver license, we were received our diplomatic passports with the visas inside and all had pictures taken for Paraguayan IDs. And until the day before we were planning to leave Chicago, we still did not have our plane tickets for Paraguay yet! Thankfully that was finally taken care of!

And of course, no visit to Chicago is complete without some great Chicago food. We especially enjoyed having some stuffed pizza from Giordano’s and Italian beef from Portillo’s, not to mention some nice home-cooked meals. The highlight of our trip to Chicago was a party hosted by Eileen’s mom and dad for our family and friends to say goodbye. The weather was perfect and the food was fantastic! Everyone had a great time. Uncle Tim even brought his cannon and Eileen Brian and Eileen’s mom all got a turn firing it.

It was a nice but very busy trip in town. We enjoyed seeing our family and friends. We are eager to get our trip underway and get to Paraguay!












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